BMW M3 EVO Update 4


BMW M3 Evo Update 4

I decide to release a some small fixes for the BMW M3 Evo from the DTM 1990 skinpack. Strange i never noticed, but better later than never.
Anyway those are small in develop edits that could change in future.
Fixes included:

– weight increased to 1020 kg (940 car + 80 driver) for Evo 90 (DTM, ATCC) and 1070 kg (940 car + 80 driver + 50 penalty) for Evo 92 (ATCC 92). Thanks to philrob that notice my previous mistake.
– front left suspension height fixed from 8 cm to 9 cm (as front right suspension height)
– reworked gearbox now named M3Evo_gears.ini. Orginal TCL M3P_gears.ini included for the normal M3. Solved the slow start bug in grid for AI (at 80%)
– Engine rev limit decreased from 9500 to 9250 rpm
– New engines for 1990, 1991, 1992 years
– ATCC/Bathurst 1991/92/93 skins
– JTCC 1990/91/92/93 skins
– DTM90 Andre Baumann skin is now a M3
– DTM90 #36, #37 and #48 are now alt skins of #35
– TCL driver from M3.mas
– m3.gen if you don’t have DTM 1990 addon
– Now you’ll find the car under “BMW M3 Sport Evo” on veichle menù
– fixed missing alpha channel on JTCC cars
– fixed hdv tyres from soft to medium
– other small fix i probably forget


Have fun



Original TCL for DTM 1990 update
teiresias for ATCC/Bathurst 91/92/93 skins
Rot Teufel, intelpower, ale9357 for JTCC 1990/91/92/93 skins
ale9357 for SPA90
Rot Teufel for small edits
philrob for notice weight errors