TCL DTM The Early Years by TCL Revival Team 2.2

A complete pack that complete the whole early years of DTM, closing the circle of group A DTM cars from 1984 to 1990 for TCL mod with actual models avaible.
Start an a simple evolution of the 1.2 version, he turns out again as a nightmare of new skins and fixed (too much often mean full redone the skin) a lot of skins from the original ones.
Include physis review of some cars too in oder to reflect a close as possible real values year by year.

Enjoy this new pack.
TCL Revival Team

Dedicated to the memory of Frank de Jong (04/03/1959 – 10/03/2018)
one of our best resource (photo, specs, lap times, drivers) for us
And to NoGrip site too (29/05/2018)



Added DTM88 Claus Dupre BMW M3 (Alt Red Livery) (Rot Teufel)

Fixed DTM85 Helmut Doring Ford Mustang (Rot Teufel)
Fixed DTM88 Ralf-Werner Muller Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 (Rot Teufel)
Fixed DTM88 Leopold Gallina Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 (Rot Teufel)
Fixed DTM88 Ruediger Schmitt BMW M3 (intelpower/Rot Teufel)
Fixed DTM88 Volker Strycek BMW M3 (Rot Teufel)
Fixed DTM88 Harald Becker BMW M3 (intelpower/Rot Teufel)


Added DTM85 Alex Kaczmarek BMW 635 CSi (Rot Teufel)
Added DTM86 Dieter Schafer BMW 635 CSi (Rot Teufel)

Fixed a lot of others skins, like DTM89 AMG Mercedes. Sorry i lost the count of changes.

Thanks to:

– TCL original team for original release, DTM 1987 and 1990 skinpacks.
– sarpt who is MIA and paint some cars. We miss you buddy.
– racingsportscars, , tentenths forum,, FrancoFan Page and to all others 80s motorsport site and fans that provides us photos, video and infoes over the web.
– Markano97 for sending me new photographic resources sites with quality res photos


TCL 635 Pacecar and Talent rFm fix included in pack

A modified rfm that made work specific talents files for TCL from 1982 to 1989 for most of the drivers.
BMW 635 CSi Pacecar included, such as a new bik made long time ago by Pain-less.


TCL Revival Team

TCL Revival Team is just a small TCL fan people group not related in any case with original TCL Team. We’re two separate teams.

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