Alfa Romeo GTV6

A collection from various authors for GTV6 released by HSO community. Complete the grid in all BTCC, ATCC, DTM, ETCC and Bathurst events with
over 70 skins replicas for 59 total entries in 4 years of racing italian tradition. The Biggest single pack ever realized!
Contains a small physis patch by me, so car follow his natural engine evolution year by year.

All files from HSO Bathurst 1985 pack + Bathrust 85 Mirror fix are included

Rot Teufel

New skins added

FIXED Bathurst86 #49 Gulson/Porter
Use the corrected Bathurst84 Gulson livery from teiresias
NEW ETCC85 Sagne/Suster/Magnani (Spa livery)
NEW Bathurst hdv (longer gear ratio)

Delete all your skin folders in GTV6 folder if you have download them before. In this pack tere’s a small revision for skins, no more duplicates and
proper alt liveries for each car. Spa liveries takes as main ones.

TCL 1.1


Touring Car Legends mod team for all ETCC, BTCC and ATCC skins
teiresias for the aussie GTV6 skins (ATCC and Bathurst 84, 85)
Satorib for ETCC84 skins
ale9567 for ETCC82, ETCC83, BTCC83, ETCC85, ETCC86 skinpacks
Rot Teufel for small physis edit, small corrections, DTM84, DTM85, Bathurst86, NZTCC86 and some ETCC83 (#33, #40, #42, #43, #45, #50).



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