BMW 528i Group A 0.91

Greetings TCL Revival fan, a special gift for our fans with finally a full brand new beta car with Group A specs: the BMW 528i.
Originally created from HSO for their CPT 85 mod, it comes with CPT specifics, far away from Group A car.
So with the big help of philrob (physis), chaos zero (reworked model, new cockpit) and renè (skins), i’m proud to present finally this big saloon car with its real group A specs.
This mean: real weight, changed inertia, new proper engine (238 HP), real wheel radius, rewoked gearbox, brakes and drag values.
Keep in mind this is still a beta, so the model had still the small extra wing and not proper working good windshield on transparent layers.
Sounds effects included.

SRPL Shaders included in pack.

Have fun

Rot Teufel, philrob and as special guest, rene.


Ron from Trackhaolics for original GTR2 mod and ETCC 85 skins
HSO for CPT 85 mod
Renè for ETCC 82-83 skins
Chaoz Zero for reworked model and new cocpit
Rot Teufel for ETCC 85 BMW Italia, ETCC 82 Waterloo Motors revision, ETCC 1982 BMW Italia #3 Spa livery, ETCC 83-85 Ecurie Somme, Luigi Racing 1985, DTM 1984 and 1985, Pontus Racing redone, base beta physis
philrob for beta testing, big physis help, revision and development


Rev and speed gauges are not working.



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